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In korfbal, the aim is to throw the ball through a basket, called korf . It is not unlike basketball; the main differences being that the basket is way to high to allow dunking, and that there is no board at the back of the basket against which the ball can bounce.
Why do people play korfbal?

In this virtual version of korfbal you can grab and drag the ball by pressing down the mouse button while the pointer is on the ball. The ball is thrown by releasing the mouse button while dragging the ball. You can grab the ball within the lower (green) portion of the screen (the veld ) only. If you leave the veld while dragging the ball, it is thrown. Points are scored if the ball falls through the basket from above, unless it has previously been thrown upwards through the basket. Have fun! (You do need a browser with java capability to play virtual korfbal, of course).

In virtual korfbal it is not necessarily a ball that is being thrown around; for instance, try a game of vicbal. You can copy the HTML source of this document to your own computer, and replace the img parameter by any gif picture you may have around (the img parameter must be specified by a complete URL address). Mind you, it looks best when the square surrounding the "ball" is transparent. The width of the korf is automatically adapted to the size of what you use for a ball.

This java applet was created by Thom Oostendorp. It is based on code developed by Carl Muckenhoupt, EarthWeb, Please send any comments you might have about virtual korfbal to Thom

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Korfbal competition

The korfbal competition is simple. The time it takes you to score 5 points determines your ranking in the high-score list. To join the competition, enter your name and submit.
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